Solar done right! Installing custom, quality solar solutions

What are the advantages of solar energy?

solar panel

You control your electricity costs.

You save money.

You avoid regular electricity tariff hikes and price shocks.

Your supply is not interrupted for those working from home.

Your security system keeps operating during load-shedding and outages.

You become energy independent and self-sufficient.

WHY AKIRA SOLAR? qualified and accredited installers

What makes Akira different? We install top quality products backed by reliable and reputable suppliers with valid and trustworthy warranties.

All our installers are qualified and accredited AND the owners themselves supervise each installation.

Akira is an ethical business. We believe in openness and honesty, which ensures ultimate client satisfaction.

Akira is a proud member of AREP – Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners.

Step 1 - Let's talk

We have an initial discussion broadly explaining solar systems in general. A more comprehensive discussion wil be done once your energy consumption has been measured and analysed.

Step 2 - Measuring your actual electricity consumption

We install an energy logger at your premises to measure your actual energy consumption patterns. This data is essential in designing a custom solar system to fit your goals.

We evaluate your premises to ensure the optimal design and installation.

Step 3 - Design and discussion

We have an open and comprehensive discussion setting out your system options.

The data collected from the energy logger is used to design a system to specifically suit your energy needs.

We will answer your questions regarding:

  • How much you can save on your electricity bill
  • The different systems and available options
  • Costs
  • Guarantees
  • The life span of the system
  • Maintenance of the system
  • Avoiding load shedding


You will receive one or more quotations based on your consumption pattern, needs, and budget.

Step 4 - Installation

Installing your system!!!

Step 5 - Maintenance

We can provide you with annual maintenance at minimal cost.

Maintenance is required by law, and often also required by financers and insurers.

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